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« Building self-confidence to thrive professionally and personally »

October 3rd to October 6th 2024 – Vevey, Switzerland

This 3 ½ day seminar is destined to women of all horizons who wish to learn how to assert themselves, to grow, to thrive and to exploit their full capacities in their professional life as much as in the personal life. This is an interactive workshop, with experience sharing and wellness activities, the seminar will cover topics such as building self-confidence, self-assertion, emotional intelligence and self-management and impactful public speaking. We will dive deep to understand our values and what is most important to us to find the best balance between professional and personal life. The seminar will take place, in English from October 3rd to October 6th 2024 on the shores of Lake Geneva at the Hôtel Des 3 Couronnes, with lake view rooms and open access to the spa. The Trois Couronnes Hotel | Hotel & SPA, Royal Palace in Vevey (

The program will have a maximum of 8 participants in order to guarantee time to work all themes in depth as well as allowing quality sharing and learning between the participants.

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